Biography: Jason Love

Mr. Love was a 15-year National Board-Certified special education teaching veteran prior to joining Kenmore Middle School and holds two master’s degrees from George Mason University in Special Education and Educational Leadership.  He spent the first ten years of his career at the middle school level in Fairfax County Public Schools before joining APS at Wakefield High School, where he has spent the next 5 years. Mr. Love has taught in a variety of special education settings, including MIPA, self-contained and co-taught courses in a variety of subjects, as well students twice-exceptional in intensified level courses.  Mr. Love worked in an administrative capacity as a summer school assistant administrator in both 2018 and 2019 at Kenmore Middle School, as well as the administrator of the middle school summer program during the 2021 summer, also at Kenmore.  As an instructional leader, Mr. Love is a firm believer of incorporating real-world applications into teaching practices and believes the best way to help students succeed starts with building relationships through getting to know about student’s diverse backgrounds and cultures to help differentiate and adapt instruction. Mr. Love is excited about the opportunity to work with the Kenmore community and continue to build upon the many accomplishments of both students and staff.