6th Grade Teachers

6th grade

6th Grade Leadership team:  Elizabeth Page,   Joann Godmin, Epiphany McCant

Name (Click on the name for more info)  Picture Subject/Team Email
Svea Anderson picture of svea anderson Science-Innovators svea.anderson@apsva.us
Cheryl Berry Photo of Cheryl Berry Reading-Trailblazers cheryl.berry@apsva.us

Katie Donnelly

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Photo of Katherine_Donnelly Reading-Visionaries katherine.donnelly@apsva.us
Gabi Eglinton Photo of Gabi_Eglington English-Innovators gabrielle.eglinton@apsva.us
Emily Gergs Photo of Emily Gergs Math/Special Education emily.gergs@apsva.us
Patrice Gibbs Teacher pic of Ms. Gibbs Math-Innovators patrice.gibbs@apsva.us
Latesa Giles Picture of teacher Ms. Giles Reading/Special Education Latesa.Giles@apsva.us
Joanne Godwin Photo of Joanne Godwin



Stacey Kennedy kennedy English-innovators stacey.kennedy@apsva.us
Leila Matta matta History-Innovators leila.matta2@apsva.us
Maura O’Grady McMullen picture of teacher Mcmullen Resource, Special Education maura.ogrady@apsva.us
Epiphany McCant McCant



Bruce Merrill merrill Science, Special Education Bruce.Merrill@apsva.us
Katherine O’Boyle Photo of Katherine_OBoyle Math-Trailblazers katherine.oboyle@apsva.us
Elizabeth Page page Reading/Special Education Elizabeth.Page@apsva.us
Marcella Park park History-Trailblazers marcella.park@apsva.us
Annie Rozewski picture of teacher English-Visionaries Annie.Rozewski@apsva.us
Yennyfer Rubiano Revollo Rubiano pic Math-Visionaries yennyfer.rubiano@apsva.us
Phillip Swarts Photo of Phillip Swarts Math-Trailblazers Kenyata.Swann@apsva.us
Ally Washington Photo of Ally Washington Science–Visionaries ally.washington@apsva.us