Cell Phone Policy

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Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Other Portable Devices

APS is committed to assisting students and staff members in creating a 21st-century learning environment. To support this progress, APS issued an iPad to each student. Kenmore has a “Phone Away for the Day” policy. Cell phones should not be visible during the instructional day, between the hours of 7:50 am to 2:34 pm, and kept in student lockers if brought to school. Students are prohibited from using phones (as well as tablets, and other mobile devices) in restrooms and locker rooms unless there is a medical necessity or emergency. Parents/Guardians, multi-disciplinary team members, or other persons with knowledge of students who require access to personally owned devices as an accommodation shall make requests for such accommodations through their respective multi-disciplinary teams. APS is not responsible for loss or damage of students’ APS issued or personal devices. Parents are responsible for damages, repair costs, and loss as described in the APS Acceptable Use Policy.

The following links are to the policies approved by the School Board.

Policy I- Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use (formerly 20-2.210)

I- PIP-1 Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Policy Implementation Procedures (formerly PIP 20-2.210)

The following are the procedures for the handling of offenses for students having phones out during the day:

  • Staff who see the phone out will ask the student to hand them the phone.
  • The phone will be labeled with the student’s name and ID and brought to the main office.
  • Parents/Guardians will be contacted to pick up the phone from the main office.
  • After an initial offense, a referral will be written and processed by Administration. The student’s device will again be confiscated and taken to the main office. A parent must pick up the device from the office and the student will receive disciplinary action.