Kaitlin BresnahanK_Bresnahan
Director of Counseling
Voice Mail # 6806
gagen Erin Gagen
8th Grade Counselor: (last names A-Q)
Voice Mail # 6797
Elliot Johnson Elliot Johnson
7th Grade Counselor
Voice Mail # 6796

Ms. GomesRosa Gomes-Mendes

6th Grade Counselor (last names A-R)
Voice Mail # 6798

Israel SalasMr. Salas
HILT A & B Counselor, 6th Grade (Students S-Z),8th Grade (Students R-Z)
Voice Mail # 6814

Ana Rodriguezana pic

7th grade Hilt A & B, Legends/Interlude.

Charisse BerreeMs Charisse

(School Social Worker)

Jenny SextonMs. Sexton

Substance Abuse Counselor

Voice Mail # 2631

Substance abuse counseling information page

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Erin Gagen

RT @APSKenmore: All @APSVirginia students invited to participate in the town hall on MS Teams with our new Superintendent. Submit question…
Published June 04, 20 10:33AM