Kaitlin BresnahanK_Bresnahan
Director of CounselingMIPA/Life Skills/Interlude Counselor
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Elizabeth Cannon Elizabeth Cannon
8th Grade Counselor:
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Picture of Elliot JohnsonElliot Johnson
7th Grade Counselor 
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Joseph Caldwellphoto of joseph caldwell

6th Grade Counselor

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Israel SalasMr. Salas
EL Counselor 
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Hannah FrimtzisPhoto of Hannah Frimtzis

School Psychologist


Charisse BerreeMs Charisse

School Social Worker

Jenny SextonMs. Sexton

Substance Abuse Counselor

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Substance abuse counseling information page

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Ms. Bresnahan

🚩Counselors from all 3 high schools will be at KMS on February 2nd to speak to 8th graders re: course selection for the 23-24 school year. Students will bring their CRF home to discuss their choices and get a parent/guardian signature. Forms due February 10th to EXCEL teachers!
Published January 24, 23 6:45AM

Ms. Bresnahan

@ErikaO_O1 Just posted the dates for Wakefield and W&L. Waiting on link and time for W&L. Thanks!
Published January 18, 23 8:34AM