Kaitlin BresnahanK_Bresnahan
Director of CounselingMIPA/Life Skills/Interlude Counselor
Voice Mail # 6806
Roshell Neal
Roshell Neal 6th Grade Counselor:
Voice Mail # 6797
Picture of Elliot JohnsonElliot Johnson
8th Grade Counselor 
Voice Mail # 6796

Joseph Caldwellphoto of joseph caldwell

7th Grade Counselor

Voice Mail # 6798

Israel SalasMr. Salas
EL Counselor 
Voice Mail # 6814

Hannah FrimtzisPhoto of Hannah Frimtzis

School Psychologist



Alvin Truesdale

Intervention Counselor

Jenny SextonMs. Sexton

Substance Abuse Counselor

Voice Mail # 2631

Substance abuse counseling information page

Noemi Yerovi

Bilingual Family Specialists


Charisse BerreeMs Charisse

School Social Worker