About the Library

The Library serves the Kenmore Middle School community — which includes students, faculty, staff, administrators,  parents, tutors, and other volunteers.


  • Students may borrow library materials for a three week loan period.
  • Students may renew library materials for an additional three week period, as long as no other students have reserved the titles.
  • Magazines may be checked out for one week only.
  • Students may check out up to 10 books at any one time.


passStudents must have a pass AT ALL TIMES to come to the library, if they are not part of a class accompanied by a teacher.
These times include:

  • During class time to do individual research or to return/check out books
  • During TA Excel
  • During lunch; Students should come to the library before lunch to get a pass.

Students using the library on an individual basis should be doing school-related work (reading, studying, and doing homework or research).