World Languages

6th Grade Semester Courses

Introduction to Spanish (Semester)

This course is designed to provide exposure to the language prior to committing to a high school credit-bearing course. It will provide a foundation in the structure of the target language to enable participating students to be more successful in a chose language used to fulfill high school graduation requirements. Students are introduced to the target language and learn basic communication skills.

Transitional Spanish Semester (Semester)

Prerequisite: Prior study in APS FLES (Foreign Language elementary School) Spanish language program or teacher recommendation based on proficiency testing.

This course is designed as the Grade 6 sequence to the Foreign language elementary School (FLES) Spanish language program. Because this course is paired with Reading 6 for a semester only, Transitional Spanish is not recommended for students who have not passed previous grade level Reading SOL tests.

This transitional program builds on previously developed language skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced and reinforced in meaningful ways to support the acquisition of language.

Spanish for Fluent Speakers (Semester)

Prerequisite: Demonstrate oral fluency in Spanish as determined by the teacher.

This course is designed for students who have native or near native oral fluency in Spanish but may not have mastered basic reading and writing skills. Students develop communication skills in reading, writing, and speaking and begin the study of Spanish grammar. Students develop a deeper understanding or perspectives and practices of the Hispanic culture.

Each 7th and 8th grade course is a year-long, high school credit course.

French and Spanish

French 1 and Spanish 1

The focus is on real life, functional use of language through dialogues, skits, and other hands-on activities. Students develop skills & learn basic structures & vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading & writing activities.

French 1 & Spanish 1 students will:

  • take part in basic conversations about family, friends & school
  • ask & answer questions based on familiar material
  • write short descriptions, messages & guided compositions study aspects of everyday life in the culture of the target language

Spanish I Intensified (7th Grade Full Year)

Prerequisite: Foreign language in the Elementary School (FLES) and/or Transitional Spanish

This course is for students who have participated in the Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) Program and successfully completed Introduction to/Transitional Spanish. The goal of the course is to equip students to develop higher levels of proficiency based on their previous Spanish studies. The curriculum meets all objectives in Spanish I and provides a rigorous treatment of content and additional advance topics. This course will provide a greater focus on developing oral communication skills and a more in-depth study of the cultural perspectives and practice of Spanish-speaking countries.

French 2, Spanish 2 (8th grade)

Students continue to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading & writing & develop a broader understanding of cultural aspects of the target language

French 2 & Spanish 2 students will:

  • express themselves in future and past time to talk about & write about friends, family & school, feelings, time, weather and locations
  • engage in more spontaneous situational dialogues w/ learned material
  • express opinions, likes & dislikes
  • begin to express themselves in creative writing activities

Fluent Speakers

Spanish for Fluent Speakers 1 (for 7th and 8th grade)

This course is designed for students who have oral fluency in Spanish but have not mastered basic reading and writing skills.

Students will:

  • participate in informal conversations and discussions
  • identify main ideas and secondary ideas in authentic texts
  • make simple inferences and draw conclusions from readings and movies
  • write short summaries
  • begin to develop an understanding of the influence of the Hispanic culture on the American heritage

Spanish for Fluent Speakers 2 (8th grade)

This course is designed for students who already know to read and write in Spanish at the basic level. Students improve spelling and mechanics and write short compositions. They read original works and begin to interpret narratives.

Any student wishing to enroll in Fluent Speakers 1 or 2 must take a placement exam and must score a 70 % or above for Fluent Speakers 1 and be in 7th or 8th grade; and 85% or above for Fluent Speakers 2 and be in 8th grade.

Students will:

  • Narrate and describe in past, present and future tenses
  • Read short stories, legends, myths, plays and poetry
  • Begin to write creatively


Latin 1 (for 7th & 8th grade)

Students are introduced to the language & life of ancient Rome. The primary goal of Latin 1 is the development of reading skills, supported by the skills of listening, speaking and writing.

Latin 1 students will:

  • read adapted Latin narratives & simple original Latin
  • understand the essential elements of Latin pronunciation
  • learn the endings of Latin nouns & verbs & their functions
  • increase the knowledge of word building in Latin & English through the study of Latin roots, prefixes & suffixes
  • learn about the daily life, customs, government & mythology of the Romans

Latin 2 (for 8th grade)

Students expand their skills by reading more complex & authentic Latin texts. They study Roman culture, history & mythology in greater depth.

Latin 2 students will:

  • become increasingly familiar w/complex grammatical principles & vocabulary
  • see more clearly the impact of the Latin language on English & the Romance languages

For complete descriptions of courses, please refer to the Arlington Public Schools Middle School Program of Studies 2016-2017