Theater Arts (Drama)

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Course Descriptions


This year-long, exclusively sixth grade class give students who like to sing, dance and act multiple  performance opportunities to showcase their talents in events like school concerts, a musical theatre production, and various other performance opportunities.

7th/8th grade Theatre Arts (Drama)

This mixed level, semester long class takes place during the regular school day and revolves around a theatre curriculum based on the students’ interests. Most performances are only produced for the students in the class, not outside groups. However, some projects have resulted in other classes coming to watch final performances. Units covered in past classes include Shadow Puppetry, STOMP style performances, Monologue writing and performance, Dramatic readings, Audition Skills, Musical Theatre introduction, Scene work, Improvisation, Writing and production of a commercial, Theatrical Design and Production, Play writing, and Music Videos.

Act II Theatre (Drama)

In the fall semester, this course mainly consists of putting on a production to be seen by the school community. Every other year this is a musical production. The spring semester allows students to get more hands on with Technical Theatre as they work in support of the Showtime production in the spring. These students also produce and perform in some aspect of Focus Fest, our end of year school showcase festival. In years past, this work has allowed us to explore filmaking, playwriting, acting, short performances, costume design and construction and a fashion show at the main event (Focus Fest). Our involvement changes every year due to the theme chosen for the festival.

Dawn Hunter

Teacher: Dawn Hunter


Dawn Hunter has over 17 years of teaching at various theatre programs, both in Texas and here in Virginia. She has a BFA in Theatre Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and an M.Ed. from the University of Virginia. She has teacher certification in both Texas and Virginia. Dawn has produced countless productions, both at the schools in which she has taught at and in the community at large. She loves working with students at Kenmore Middle School!