Technology Education

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Course Descriptions

Technology Education 6:  Introduction to Technology

This 4.5 week course is part of the Exploration rotations for 6th grade students.  Course is designed to engage students with projects from construction, digital design, materials lab and rocketry (time permitting).  Students can then elect a semester class of Technology Education for the 7th and 8th grade.

Technology Education 7: Inventions and Innovations

Students study the process of design within a design loop and learn technical skills in drawing.  These skills are then applied when making new components for projects such as mouse trap powered cars, sublimation printed products or 3D printed objects.

Technology Education 8:  Technological Systems

Students study the relationship between elements of technology.  Students explore structural design, efficiency of design and document their experiences in a daily journal.

ACT II Course

This hybrid course is offered after school in the fall semester for students interested in the class but unable to fit it into their daily schedule due to other courses.  This class is a blend between 7th and 8th grade programs and offers lab time for experimentation in design and process.