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Course Descriptions


Showtime meets every day for the entire school year. It is designed specifically for 6th grade students who already know that their elective interest is in the arts. With a year-long combination experience in chorus and drama, this course gives students the opportunity to participate in the professional production of an arts integrated experience. Each semester ShowTime students will have their work show cased in at least one production or concert. In addition, students will perform in a major production combining both chorus and drama.

7th &  8th grade Beginning and Advanced Chorus

This course is designed as a continuation of the development of the vocal musician. Concepts introduced in the previous grades will be reinforced. In addition to learning more about the world of music and their vocal instrument, students will get the opportunity participate in out of school and in school performances, and participate in District XII

Choral Events

Each spring the entire music department participates in an adjudicated festival in Williamsburg, VA or Hershey, PA. After students have been adjudicated, they then spend a few hours in the local amusement park relaxing and having fun.

Mr. Jonas



Andrew Jonas