There are many ways to help raise funds for the Kenmore PTSA. Paying your dues, buying spirit wear, dining out at a Kenmore Dines Out event, or supporting any PTSA-sponsored fundraiser all help raise money for PTSA supported activities like Teacher Appreciation Week, Movie Night, and Class Celebrations. The PTSA also takes donations and participates in national programs to earn money.

Raise Right Gift Card Program

Enroll in the Raise Right program using the links below. Buy gift cards for everyday purchases or as birthday or holiday gifts. Every gift card purchased through the Raise Right program earns funds for the Kenmore PTSA at little to no cost to you. Electronic gift cards never expire and are easily purchased & redeemed through the website or app. There are certain restrictions on receiving physical gift cards through Raise Right. The PTSA recommends purchasing electronic gift cards only through the site for any gift cards that are unable to be shipped directly to your home.
Enrollment Code: 735T6XE7G2RC

No Sweat Donations

You can simply make a one-time tax-deductible donation via our No Sweat donation program.

“No Sweat” Fundraising: PTSA Membership dues cover the PTSA core operations, however we rely on additional donations to fund grants to teachers and student enrichment activities not covered by the school budget. We call it “No Sweat” because these donations eliminate the need for parents to do bake sales, sell wrapping paper, etc. Please include your 100% tax-deductible donation on the membership form. You do not have to join the PTSA or be a PTSA member to submit a donation.

One of the easiest ways to donate is to link your Harris Teeter and Amazon purchases to Kenmore. Once linked, a percentage of every purchase goes to the Kenmore PTSA. There is no cost to you. You can encourage family members and friends to link their purchases, too!

Harris Teeter

VIC-Harris Teeter

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to link your VIC account to Kenmore.

Alternatively, you can stop by in person at the customer service desk at any Harris Teeter location. Kenmore’s code is 3954. You can add up to three schools to one account. IMPORTANT: Links expire at the end of every school year. You must re-link your card at the start of every new school year to continue donating to the schools of your choice. 


In your web browser, go to the AmazonSmile page on the Amazon site. Login to your account. Follow the instructions to set your charity to Kenmore Middle PTA. The charity will be set until you make a change. In order for donations to go to your selected charity, you must always shop from the URL. Bookmark that site in your browser as a reminder!

If you shop from the Amazon app on your phone, you must activate Amazon Smile following the steps on the website.

Remember, there is no cost to you to donate to the Kenmore PTSA by shopping Harris Teeter and Amazon!