Padres Comprometidos

Padres Comprometidos: (Arlington & Fairfax County). This is a curriculum that was developed by Unidos US (former National Council of La Raza – NCLR), and was especially designed to reach parents who are, traditionally, not connected to their children’s school as a result of:

  • Linguistic and cultural differences
  • Economic background
  • Negative perceptions about school
  • Lack of knowledge about how to become involved

This program helps Hispanic parents learn to:

  • Navigate the United States public school system
  • Develop goals for their children to ensure they attend college
  • Understand the academic requirements for college readiness
  • Model behaviors at home that encourage and promote learning

Originally designed as a nine-session series for parents, and one-and-one-half hours per session, Edu-Futuro has modified its delivery to a seven-session series for parents, and two-hours per session. In sessions, parents engage in discussions and exercises based on the themes covered by the curriculum.This program has been successfully implemented in 65 different communities across 21 states in early education centers, charter schools, public schools, and community-based organizationsWednesdays from 9am to 11 starting Feb. 27,2019 thru April 10,2019. Translation services will be provided. The class is free and open to all.