Kenmore Yearbook Photo Contributions

The Kenmore Yearbook staff needs your help to collect photos for the yearbook from sports, dance/theatre/music performances, field trips or any other school-related events.

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Kenmore’s code: 5145623

Kenmore Community Families in Action;

A model program designed to foster community engagement through fun and meaningful activities and events promoting inclusion, engagement and empowerment offerings.

YouTube access for MS

MS school students will now be able to access videos on YouTube when on the APS network

Cell Phone Policy

Kenmore has a “Phone Away for the Day” policy. Cell phones should not be visible during the instructional day, between the hours of 7:50 am to 2:34 pm, and kept in student lockers if brought to school.

2022-23 Student Handbook

Students and parents, please review Kenmore’s 2021-22 Student/Parent Handbook.